What is the backend, and why is it important for web development?

When you visit a website, what you see in your browser is the result of a series of processes that occur on the client side (frontend) and the server side (backend).

The backend deals with the logic, storage, and communication of data. In this article, we explain what the backend is, what its functions are, and what skills are required to be a backend developer.

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What is the backend and how does it work?

The backend is the invisible part of a web application that runs on the server, i.e., on a remote machine that hosts the files and databases of the application. The backend communicates with the frontend through an interface called an API (Application Programming Interface), which defines the rules and formats for exchanging information between both sides.

The backend receives requests from the frontend, processes them according to the application's logic, accesses data stored in databases or other external services, and returns a response to the frontend, which displays it to the user.

The backend consists of three main elements:

What functions does a backend developer have?

A backend developer is a professional responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the backend of a web application. Among their main tasks and responsibilities are:

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What is the difference between the backend and frontend?

The backend and frontend are two essential parts of a web application, but they have important differences that need to be considered. Some of them are as follows:

What skills are required to be a backend developer?

To be a backend developer, a series of technical and non-technical skills are required to efficiently and professionally create and maintain the backend of a web application. Some of these skills include:

The backend is key to web development

The backend is an essential part of a web application, responsible for business logic, data storage and management, security, and communication with other services.

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